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Introducing Microsoft365

Remember last year Microsoft announced Secure Productive Enterprise?  Well, today at Microsoft Inspire (the rebranded Partner Conference) they rebranded it and I personally think it’s a great idea.  Welcome to Microsoft365.   In a nutshell, Microsoft365 is Office 365 and Windows 10 bundled together with Mobility for the Enterprise and all wrapped up in enterprise level security.  The following is my take on how the new product focus is going to help your business moving forward.


Encouraging four main pillars the product is focused on, Satya Nadella made the announcement this morning (July 10, 2017).  Microsoft wants the tool to focus on Creativity, Teamwork, Simplicity, and Security.


Creativity of course because with the product you will get all the tools you need to create great things.  You will get the same tools you have been using already like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc).  With these, you can create everything you need in your day to day work.  From proposals to meeting notes to financial status with Microsoft365, you can create all this and so much more.


With Office365 you will be getting great tools to encourage and support teamwork.  SharePoint of course but now you can increase collaboration within your teams using other fantastic tools like Microsoft Groups, Microsoft Team, OneDrive for Business, Outlook and Exchange, Skype for Business, Yammer, and so much more.  Being able to accomplish tasks as a group has never been easier.


It’s all within one package for you.  No need to buy this tool for that job, or that tool for another job.  Everything you need is in Microsoft365.  And even if it isn’t (yet ;-D ) Microsoft has made connectors to many items for you to do just that.  Microsoft teams have connectors to social media like Twitter and Facebook.  Flow can also access these systems as well.  While it may seem less than simple and when first getting started it may very well be, but as you carve out your usage of Microsoft365 you will find having everything at your fingertips in one product couldn’t make it easier for you to get things done.


With Microsoft365 you will be getting enterprise level security.  You will have Encryption, Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Information Rights Management all through Office365.  Thus fully securing your data from accidental loss, or being viewed by those who shouldn’t.  You will get great protection in your systems with Windows Information Protection, Credential Guard, App Locker and much more.  Remember that Office365 has released a fantastic security console that allows you to fully protect your environment even better than before.

What I think is fantastic is that you don’t have to purchase the items seperately.  As a business you now can group your most used individual products (Windows 10, business applications (Word, Excel, etc), collaboration tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype, etc) and more all in one bundle.  It’s a great option for many businesses to use.  While not a huge new product for Microsoft, I think that the rebranding and launch of Microsoft365 is absolutely fantastic and looking forward to working with businesses to build out and support solutions utilizing this product.


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MVP Days Alberta Slide Decks

This past week I had the extreme pleasure of speaking at two conferences with the MVP Days Road Show.  I spoke with Joanne Klein on SharePoint Search and solo on SharePoint Business Connectivity Services.  Unfortunately my environment didn’t play nice and had three, yup I am not kidding, three BSODs during my presentations.  Everyone was really forgiving about it and we just kept right on trucking through.  As promised I would like to include our slide decks for everyone to download and learn from.  All four slide decks for the presentations completed are listed in this post.

MVPDays – Finding a Needle in the Haystack_Search Concepts

MVPDays – Finding a Needle in the Haystack_Search Features

MVPDays – Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS

MVPDays – Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox

Finding a Needle in a Haystack SharePoint Style: Search Concepts and Content Quality

After a couple of trial runs with our previous SharePoint Search presentation, Joanne Klein and I decided we really needed to trim it down.  As it was, we were able to create two separate presentations from our single initial presentation.  On January, 25, 2017 we presented the first in our new series based on that initial presentation: Finding a Needle in a Haystack SharePoint Style: Search Concepts and Content Quality.  The presentation was hosted by the Saskatchewan SharePoint O365 User Group and had a great turnout and great interaction with Joanne and myself.

Both Joanne and I always want to ensure that our slides are available to all even if you couldn’t attend so we have uploaded them for others to view.  You can access the slides here.


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Microsoft Teams: Meetings and Files

This will be the final post (for now) in my Microsoft Teams series.  Previously I wrote about the apps you can get with the new tool as well as I spoke heavily on the chat feature.  In the future I intend to discuss further how Teams works in the back-end and how it integrates into SharePoint Groups.  Today I am going to finish off discussing Microsoft Teams: meetings and files and how they integrate into the tool and different ways to use them.  If you are looking for the other posts I have completed on Teams please click on one of the links below:

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Microsoft Teams – Chat Feature

Continuing with the Microsoft Teams series I am working on I will move into the chat feature.  This is the largest feature within Teams and is already the most used.  Within the application, it actually feels like Teams is built around the chat feature instead of chat simply being a component of a larger application.  If you are looking for the other posts I have completed on Teams please click on one of the links below:

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