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SharePoint Best Practices – Site Columns

So today I am starting a new series on SharePoint Best Practices.  This may seem like a fairly simple topic but, I have come to learn that it is an important one.  I am not talking about best practices in setting up and configuring SharePoint or how to best develop a solution in SharePoint.  I am instead wanting to discuss best practices in your day to day usage of SharePoint.  Too many times I have worked with experienced clients that have a decent knowledge of how to do things in SharePoint, but don’t think of the little things that make these best practices.  This is where this series is coming from.  Today I am going to cover site columns.

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Manipulating REST API Calls in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

In my previous post on the different ways to determine the return message from a REST API call in a SPD workflow I covered using a test list and Fiddler to build your web call in a SharePoint Designer workflow.  In this post I want to discuss manipulating REST API calls in SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows.  Basically I want to show how you can determine what your read string is going to look like based on the values coming back from SharePoint.

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Handling REST Responses in SharePoint Designer Workflows – Reading The Response

Years ago when Microsoft released it’s latest version of SharePoint Designer, it came with a few enhancements that really made building workflows with Designer more robust and efficient.  One efficiency enhancement was the ability to copy actions, steps and even entire stages within the same workflow or even between workflows.  Microsoft also allowed for the ability to move back and forth between stages instead of continuing down a parallel path (called a state machine workflow).  While the addition of state machine workflows to Designer (previously only available in Visual Studio workflows) is great; in my opinion the best (by a very small margin) addition to Designer is the ability to call web services.  As your queries get more and more complex however, knowing what is coming back into the workflow can be filled with frustration as you try to determine how to get the data from the response content.  While I it isn’t a new concept, I wanted to discuss handling REST responses in SharePoint Designer workflows.  Or at least how I do it.  The method I use is pretty straight forward and very easy to implement.

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Waiting in a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow

All too often when building workflows in SharePoint Designer there is a need to pause the workflow for a duration of time, or while waiting for values to change within SharePoint list\library.  Microsoft has provided methods or actions within a workflow to accommodate this for quite some time.  The method to accomplish while similar between versions has changed with the latest iteration of SharePoint Designer.  For this reason I wanted to discuss waiting in a SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow today.  I know that most are now moving to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint online, but while Microsoft has released newer versions of SharePoint, it hasn’t released a new version of Designer since 2013.  So whether you are on SharePoint 2013 or a later version, this post is relevant for the foreseeable future.

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How to Delete a SharePoint List Item Attachment with PowerShell

Every now and then a problem pops up in that a user is unable to delete an attachment on a list item.  The system goes through the motions of deleting the item, but when you get back to the list item the attachment is still there.  No errors are received and no reason is given for the item not deleting.  I haven’t seen this happen very often but it happened recently in one of our team site lists.  There was nothing special about the list item or the attachment, but for whatever reason, it wouldn’t delete the attachment.  Like so many things I come across I figure if it happened to me, it could happen to someone else.  So that brought about this blog post.  I want to show you how to delete a list item’s attachment with PowerShell.

How to Delete a SharePoint List Item Attachment with PowerShell

So to start off I have a simple list with an item that has two attachments.  I want to delete the one called “AutoSPInstallerFolderStructure.txt”.  The process for deleting it is pretty straightforward.  You simply access the list, get the item we are looking for in the list and then loop through the attachments until we find the one we want to delete and remove it.

Building the script:

Before the Script:

How to Delete a SharePoint List Item Attachment with PowerShell - BeforeScript

Running the Script:

How to Delete a SharePoint List Item Attachment with PowerShell - Running The Script

After the Script:

How to Delete a SharePoint List Item Attachment with PowerShell - After the Script

And that’s it.  You can also modify the script to delete attachments in bulk if the need is there.


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