So starting tomorrow I am kicking off “Dave’s Prairie Tour” ;-p  .  I will be speaking in three cities across Saskatchewan and Alberta in three days this week.

Tuesday, January 19th I am in Saskatoon, Sask.  You can register here:

Wednesday, January 20th I am in Edmonton, Alberta.  You can register for this one here:

And finally, I will be in Calgary, Alberta on Thursday January 21.  If interested, you can register for it here:

I will be speaking about the things you need to consider when planning and implementing a SharePoint environment.  Here’s the abstract:

There are many best practices for creating a SharePoint farm. But something not covered often enough and just as important is how to plan the farm implementation even before you install the binaries. In this session we will see some pitfalls taken by businesses as we discuss the leading practices of planning and implementing the non-technical side of SharePoint. We will cover items from who should be involved to proof-of-concepts to SharePoint Governance.


Hope to see you at one of those presentations!