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Unable to Uninstall SharePoint 2013

The Problem

The other day I was attempting to fix what appeared to be a configuration issue with our farm.  We were receiving version mismatch errors when running code within our farm.  It turned out there was two problems.  First the farm did indeed have a misconfiguration (I am writing about that one separately) and it was found one of our servers in the farm wasn’t functioning properly due to a recent patch not applying properly.  This post discusses the steps I took and the end result.

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Stop Looping through Sites and Lists in SharePoint There are Better Ways

I recently received a request at my client site to review a custom built feature that was no longer responding\functioning properly within our SharePoint environment. The feature was designed to copy selected files from a project site to the team site of the group whom would be taking over daily operations of the project once the solution was in production. Once copied the documents were declared as records within our Record Management System. The process was to select the files to be moved and then from the ribbon select the option to set the destination. This is the part that was not working.

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SharePoint – SPView: Exception calling “Add” with “6” argument(s): “An error occurred while parsing EntityName.

Error occurred while parsing EntityName.

So had an issue today.  We were migrating data into SharePoint and once that was complete we had a request from the client to build a set of views based on a lookup list.  So out comes the old trusty PowerShell script ISE and I started plugging away at the code.  When the script was complete I ran it in the test environment where the data was contained.  When the script ran the add on the SPView collection the script stalled with error: “Exception calling “Add” with “6” argument(s): “An error occurred while parsing EntityName.”  Well that error is really easy to under stand.

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