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Tip for Backing Up with Export-SPWeb and Large Data Sets

Today I was in the middle of testing how our environment works with large content databases and ran into an issue with the command Export-SPWeb and large data sets.  This might be known already do some of you, but I have been working with SharePoint a long time and didn’t know this, so wanted to share in case others ran into the same or similar problem.

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How to Resolve SharePoint Search Not Returning Any Results

SharePoint Search Not Returning Any Results

Today in our test environment I ran into an issue in which SharePoint search was not returning any results when queried.  Well that’s not true.  It returned an error.  That’s a result right?  When returning the results the error: “Search has encountered a problem that prevents results from being returned.  If the problem persists, please contact your administrator”.  It also provides a correlation ID (very helpful).

SharePoint Search Not Returning Any Results - SearchError

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Leading Practices for Planning a SharePoint Environment

I was recently hosted by CIPS Saskatchewan to give my Leading Practices for Planning and Implementing a SharePoint Environment presentation.  It was  a great time and I really enjoyed giving it.  I will also be presenting the session in October at the Victoria SharePoint User Group and at SharePoint Saturday Redmond.  I have updated the slide deck somewhat so wanted to provide it to everyone for them to download.

Thank you to all the organizations for allowing me to present this session and thank you to everyone who came out and attended.  I hope you gained something from the presentation.

Click this link to download the slide deck.


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