So today I started creating a new custom approval using Microsoft Flow.  I had been working for about 15 minutes or so and thought to myself that it may be a really good idea for me to save my work because we all know that if I didn’t do it soon something would cause me to lose everything (because initial save hadn’t been accomplished yet.  When I clicked on the save button I received an error I hadn’t received before.  “Tag value to large. Following tag value…exceeded the maximum length.  Maximum allowed length for tag value – ‘256’ characters.

Tag Value Too Large - Error Message

Tag Value Too Large

So I was going to start digging into google as I hadn’t seen this before.  Before I did, I took a closer look at the error message.  I realized the text inside the quotations corresponded to my action titles.  I then took a look at the top left hand corner of my Flow builder and saw the title of my flow was still “Untitled”.  So for those of you who didn’t know this, when you initially save your flow, if you haven’t entered a title for it Flow automatically will utilize the steps of your workflow at the time of the initial save.  If you are diligent and press save immediately after creating the workflow (in order to activate the auto-save feature) then you should never get this error message.  However, if like me you waited until well into your build, this error message may occur from time to time.

To resolve, simply give your Flow a name and save again.


Thanks for reading!