So having finished my previous series where I explained how to install and configure a MinRole SP2019 environment on-premises, I wondered what was next.  Of course, let’s build out a SharePoint 2019 environment in Azure.  There are a couple of reasons I want to do this.  The main reason is many times businesses will want or need to maintain their data on-prem (or believe they do), but really don’t have any sort of setup for handling that.  Another great reason for hosting in Azure is to move support out your hands into someone else’s but still maintain great availability.  A final reason for myself is I wanted to set things up in Azure because my current personal system wasn’t large enough to handle a SharePoint 2019 MinRole environment.  So let’s start things off by prepping the environment for SharePoint 2019.

This is a multi-part series.  You can see what is coming and review other posts in the series by clicking one of the following links:

Prepping the Environment for SharePoint 2019

Configure Resource Groups

The first item we need to do is configure a resource group for the environment.  A resource group is basically a container for all of the items involved in building out the system you want to create.  In this case, I am going to create a resource group to hold everything I need for my SP2019 system in Azure.  This will include everything from the servers themselves to the network they will communicate on.  To create a resource group use the following steps:

  1. Login to your Azure Portal (
  2. On the left-hand side click on Resource Groups

Prepping the Azure Environment for SharePoint 2019 - Create a Resource Group

  1. Once the Resource section has loaded, start the process by clicking on “+ Add
  2. If your tenant contains multiple subscriptions attached to it you can select the one you wish to use.  After that give it a meaningful name and select the region you wish to keep it within.

Prepping the Azure Environment for SharePoint 2019 - Configure Resource Group

  1. You can add a tag for organizing the resource group or click on Review + Create.
  2. Click on Create to begin the deployment.
  3. Notification for the resource deployment will show up in the notification section at the top of the screen (look for the bell).  Once it indicates the group has been created refresh your screen to pick up the new item.

In the next post I will prepare the network connections we will be using to communicate within the environment, with the internet and but also ensure the components in my SharePoint system are isolated from any components of my Azure environment I don’t want talking to each other.

Thanks for reading!!