In my previous post, we started the process of deploying SharePoint 2019 to Azure by setting up the resource group.  In this post, we will build the network configurations for the SharePoint environment in our Azure environment.  The network will exist in the same region as the resource group created previously and will be used to all the SharePoint environments to communicate with each other as well as the internet.

This is a multi-part series.  You can see what is coming and review other posts in the series by clicking one of the following links:

Configure Azure Network Resources for SharePoint 2019

Creating a new network resource for our needs will be pretty straight forward.

  1. Login to your Azure Portal (
  2. On the left-hand side click on All Resouces
  3. Click on “+ Add”
  4. In the categories section click on Networking and then click on Virtual Network
  5. Fill in the configuration options as follows (modify as needed):
    1. Name: Name you wish to call your network resource (ex. SP2019-vnet)
    2. Address Space: add the CIDR format of your IP address space.  I used  This gave me a ton of addresses within the address space (we’ll limit that in the subnet).
    3. Subscription: Select the subscription (if you have more than one) you wish to assign the network to.
    4. Resource Group: Select the resource group you created in the previous post.
    5. Location: The location should default to the location recently used or the location of the resource group, but just make sure it is correct.
  6. Next we are going to create a subnet (it is in the same blade as the Virtual Network Config).  As I am not intending to build a high-availability farm here I will only be creating a single subnet.
    1. Provide a meaningful name (SP2019Network-Subnet)
    2. The address range should be a subset of the address group.  I used to give me 16 address which is plenty for my needs.
    3. I am going to leave the firewall disabled for now.
  7. Review all of your settings and once happy click Create.

Configure Azure Network Resources for SharePoint 2019 - Configure Virtual Network

Once you click create you will be directed back to your landing page dashboard.  Wait until your notification centre updates (that bell icon).  Once it indicates your network is deployed you can click on All Resources and you will see the network listed on in the list.

Next, we will build out some storage components and create our first server in this environment.

Thanks for reading!!