Previously we implemented a new server to act as the Active Directory Domain Controller for our farm.  Before it can do that we need to configure the network settings within the DC, setup DNS and then configure Active Directory.  To accomplish this I will be configuring the domain controller network to prepare it for handling the active directory needs of our environment.

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Configuring the Domain Controller Network

Unlike an on-prem server, we can actually use Azure to set up our server with a static IP address as this is something we want to do with our servers.  To configure the DC with a static IP:

  1. From within your Azure Control Panel click on All resources
  2. Click on the virtual network resource you created previously

Configure the domain controller network - Access virtual network settings in Azure

  1. Under Connected Devices, click on your DC server

  1. Click on IP Configurations and then the ipconfig entry for your server

  1. Change the setting to static and provide your server with an IP address if you want it to be different than the dynamically assigned one.

  1. The server will reboot and when it is back up the server will have a static IP however, the server will not see it this way and will complain when you install DNS.  The server will still need to have the IP address set to a static value.
  2. Open a PowerShell Window and run the following command to configure the IP address as static:
New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceIndex 4 -IPAddress -DefaultGateway


Next we will configure DNS and Active Directory.


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