With the new modern experience being pushed out more and more to the O365/M365 Admin consoles things are changing at a daily rate it feels like.  The other day I was setting up some retention label policies and found things weren’t where they used to be.  In order to help others, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to publish the steps to publish a retention label in the new modern experience.  This post assumes you already have a label created.  If you need assistance with that please view my previous post on the steps for creating a retention or record-retention label.

Publish a Retention Label

  1. Log in to the tenant (https://admin.microsoft.com)
  2. In the left-hand menu click on Compliance

Creating and Publishing Retention Labels - Compliance Console Select

  1. The Microsoft 365 Compliance console will open.
  2. Under the Solutions section click on Records Management (if you don’t see this option click on Customize navigation below and add it to the navigation section).

Creating and Using Record Labels - Records Management Menu

  1. Click on either the File Plan tab link or “Manage your File Plan

Creating and Using Record Labels - Click File Plan

  1. In the file plan view of the Compliance Admin Console (see above) click on the label you wish to publish.
  2. A blade view will slide open on your screen.  Click on Publish label.

Creating and Using Record Labels in Office 365 - Start Record Label Publish Process

  1. Click Next, or alternatively you can click Edit and add anther label to publish with this one.
  2. Select “All locations. Includes content in Exchange email, Office 365 groups, OneDrive and SharePoint documents.” if you wish the label to be available anywhere possible.  To restrict the label location click on “Let me choose specific locations.
  3. If the second option is selected enable the locations you wish to publish to.
    1. Select the location to deploy the label.  Use the toggles to turn on and off the different locations.
      1. To customize Exchange:
        1. Click on Choose recipients under All
        2. Click on Choose recipients link

Publish a Retention Label - Set Exchange Publish Location

        1. Can refine the list using the search function. Select the users to include

Publish a Retention Label - Publish Label to specific Exchange Users

        1. After selecting the user(s) to push the label to click on Done.
        2. To customize SharePoint
          1. Click on Choose sites in the Include column of the SharePoint row.

Publish a Retention Label - Publish Label to Specific SharePoint Sites

          1. Click on Choose sites button.
          2. Search for the site collection to deploy to.
          3. Place a checkmark beside the site you wish to push the label out to. Note, if you select a site and search again, your previous selection is updated in the “Added” section

Publish a Retention Label - Choose SharePoint Sites to Publish To

  1. Can repeat these steps for OneDrive and O365 Groups.
  2. After your sites have been selected click on Next.
  3. Provide a name and description for the policy you created.

Publish a Retention Label - Give Policy a Name

  1. Click Next
  2. Review the settings.  Microsoft warns it takes up to a day for the labels to be fully published though in my experience it is much less (usually about an hour or so).  Exchange does take a great deal longer (up to 7 days) and requires the mailboxes to have 10MB of data within.
  3. Once the policy has been reviewed click on Publish Labels.

Once the system pushes out your label(s) you will be able to utilize them in the areas of O365/M365 you selected during the configuration process.


Thanks for reading!