I have a new announcement to make!  In addition to my blog posts, I have also started to create video blogs to go along with my written posts.  I know that many prefer to learn visually as opposed to reading text all the time.  So I am now going to build video blogs along with many of my written posts.  The first one is about retention labels.

The original retention label can be found here:  Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Creating Retention Labels

You’ll notice when you review the video that there’s more detail than just the steps.  As I go through the process, I try to provide as much detail about all the options available.  Even if I am not completing the steps, I try to outline all of the options and what they entail.  You can access the video here: Microsoft 365 Retention Labels


Please let me know what you think.  I welcome your input.

Thanks for reading!