My previous post covered a detailed look at the various disposition approval options and their outcomes.  In this fourth and final post, we’ll cover the automated workflow that Purview takes to complete the disposal of content in SharePoint or OneDrive. Click on the following links to access any of the other posts released in this series:

Disclaimer: Any screenshots or processes documented within this post are current as of the creation of this content but are subject to change outside of the writer’s control when updated by Microsoft.

The Automated Process (After Approval)

Once the file has been approved for disposition, it will immediately be removed from view in the pending disposition view and moved to the disposed items view.  It will initially have a status of “Approved for deletion.”  At this time, the file will still exist within the document library.

Disposition Review Process Overview - Initial Disposal   The Purview Disposition Workflow - Has Not Left Library

Within 24 hours, the disposition status is updated to “Awaiting deletion from SharePoint/Onedrive”.  At this point, the back-end jobs have started the process of moving the document out of the SharePoint library (or Onedrive library).

The Purview Disposition Workflow - Waiting to Move to Recycle Bin

But it hasn’t moved it yet.  Going back to the library, we’ll find the document still exists.

The Purview Disposition Workflow - Still In Library

This is because Purview has initiated the process, but the process has not been completed.

After waiting another 24 hours, the disposition view updates again.  This time, the status is “Permanently deleted”.  This, however, is a bit misleading.  If you go to the site’s secondary recycle bin, the file will be there.

The Purview Disposition Workflow - File still exists after disposal

The file will remain here for 93 days until the standard SharePoint deletion process is completed.


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