When working with event-based retention, administrators and record managers can group related labels together within the same umbrella or container.  This container is known as an event type.  An event type allows record managers to initiate an event for all the related content without beginning multiple events for multiple labels.  When creating an event-based retention label, administrators are able to attach it to the appropriate event.  This post will cover how to create an event type within Microsoft Purview.

Create an Event Type

  1. Access the Microsoft Purview (https://compliance.microsoft.com)
  2. Click on Records Management
  3. Select the Events Tab and click on Manage event types

Create an Event Type - Manage Event Types

  1. Within the blade that opens; click on “+ Create”.
  2. Provide the event type with a meaningful name and a description if desired.

Create an Event Type

  1. Click Next to continue to the summary page.
  2. Once the configuration has been reviewed, click Submit.


Once complete, the event type can be utilized for event-based retention labels.

Thanks for reading!