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Coming in 2024! Vodcast with Joanne Klein – Compliance Unplugged

I am super excited to announce a new collaboration with Joanne Klein over at NexNovus being released in the new year.  Joanne and I have collaborated for years on Records Management and Compliance within Microsoft 365.  We have built up quite a collection of questions and stories over the years and decided a great way to share them with others is via a vodcast.  I actually had to look that one up. A podcast in video form is called a vodcast.  Right now, Joanne and I are just getting things started and only have the YouTube channel, but we have a lot planned for 2024, including a new website.  But for now, we have a little bit of a teaser for you.  We have uploaded an introduction to the vodcast and a bit of history around it.  Please go check it out and subscribe to our channel so you can receive notifications when we upload new content.

YouTube Channel:



So excited to bring this new content to you!

You Have Sensitive Data. Let’s Protect It! – Slide Deck

Today I had the honour to present at the Microsoft 365 Twin Cities conference in Minneapolis, MN.  I provided an overview of the many technologies that Microsoft provides as part of their Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms to protect your information and users.  Thank you to everyone that attended my session.  You had some fantastic questions and I hope you were able to take something away from my presentation.  As promised here are the slides I presented.

You Have Sensitive Information Lets Protect It – M365 Twin Cities


Data Loss Prevention: A Real World Approach – Slide Deck

I recently had the great privilege of speaking at Microsoft 365 Ottawa with a number of fantastic speakers.  In my session I provided an overview of Microsoft Data Loss Prevention from a real world deployment perspective. Thank to everyone that attended.  As promised, I wanted to ensure you all had access to the slides from the session.

You can download the slides from here.

Thanks for joining!

Introduction to Information Protection – Slide Deck

Had a great session this week at the latest Microsoft 365 conference in Las Vegas (December 2022).  In this session, I was given the opportunity to demonstrate Microsoft Information Protection to a room of over 100 people.  I had a great time and am very thankful for all who attended.  As promised, I have uploaded the slide deck from my session.  Please grab it and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


Protecting your Sensitive Data – Presentation

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a topic that is important to me to a few user groups.  With the onset of the global pandemic, a number of organizations had to move their resources into the cloud very quickly.  In some cases, proper steps were not taken to allow for a fast transition.  Because of this, many organizations do not have the necessary protections in place to ensure their sensitive information is secure.  This presentation can help organizations with that.  It provides an overview of the Microsoft 365 Information Protection features within the platform and how they should be utilized.


You Have Sensitive Information Lets Protect It