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Protecting your Sensitive Data – Presentation

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a topic that is important to me to a few user groups.  With the onset of the global pandemic, a number of organizations had to move their resources into the cloud very quickly.  In some cases, proper steps were not taken to allow for a fast transition.  Because of this, many organizations do not have the necessary protections in place to ensure their sensitive information is secure.  This presentation can help organizations with that.  It provides an overview of the Microsoft 365 Information Protection features within the platform and how they should be utilized.


You Have Sensitive Information Lets Protect It

Microsoft 365 Records Management – Auto-Apply Retention Label Policy Not Functioning

I was recently working on a pilot for a client that required auto-apply of retention labels.  The client wanted to understand if Microsoft 365 could meet their needs for records retention and disposal.  To assist we set up your standard assortment of retention labels and policies such as auto-delete, disposition reviews, etc.  One of the requirements was to configure auto-apply labels to decrease the level of involvement required by users.  In their current record management system, they were configuring retention at the folder level.  While this can certainly be accomplished with SharePoint Online, I strongly encouraged them to process auto-apply labels based on metadata instead.  So one of our pilot configurations was to create a couple of auto-apply policies that applied labels based on a site column value.  We created the policies, added content, set the metadata, and waited.  Microsoft states it will take a little time for the labels to apply. I suggested a week, but by the second week, we still didn’t have any labels being applied automatically.  I confirmed the queries were configured correctly (I’ll cover this in my next post), but in the end, we had to admit the auto-apply retention label policies were not functioning.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Site Sensitivity Label Alerts

In my previous post, I discussed configuring site sensitivity using Microsoft 365 MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) labels.  In this follow-up, I’ll discuss site sensitivity label alerts, what is there automatically and what you need to configure.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Apply Sensitivity Labels to Sites, Groups, and Teams

Previously I provided instructions on how to create a sensitivity label scoped to your sites and groups.  In this short post, I’ll demonstrate how one apply sensitivity labels to sites, Groups, and Teams in Microsoft 365.  I’ll present the before and after effects that applying the sensitivity label has on your sites.  I’ll also show you how site sensitivity labels can help ensure content that isn’t supposed to be within the site is flagged automatically for you.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Creating a Sensitivity Label for Groups and Sites

Creating a sensitivity label for Groups and Sites is a relatively new feature within Microsoft 365 compliance.  This feature allows sensitivity control to be applied to features in M365 that are backed by a Microsoft 365 Group (Teams and SharePoint sites) and SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.  Currently, the feature is not enabled by default.  It needs to be enabled.  Check out “Enable Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint Sites“.  In this post, I’ll cover the steps for applying a sensitivity label to a site itself.

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