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You Have Sensitive Data. Let’s Protect It! – Slide Deck

Today I had the honour to present at the Microsoft 365 Twin Cities conference in Minneapolis, MN.  I provided an overview of the many technologies that Microsoft provides as part of their Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms to protect your information and users.  Thank you to everyone that attended my session.  You had some fantastic questions and I hope you were able to take something away from my presentation.  As promised here are the slides I presented.

You Have Sensitive Information Lets Protect It – M365 Twin Cities


Microsoft 365 Records Management – Custom Flow Is Missing From the Retention Label Flow Selection List

The other day, I was building out some Power Automate flows to test the process I was building for a custom disposition.  When I went to assign the flow to the retention label, I find that the custom flow is missing from the retention label flow selection list.  The fix is pretty straightforward, and Microsoft does mention it, but I felt it necessary to pull it out and flag it directly in case others have the same issue.

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Data Loss Prevention: A Real World Approach – Slide Deck

I recently had the great privilege of speaking at Microsoft 365 Ottawa with a number of fantastic speakers.  In my session I provided an overview of Microsoft Data Loss Prevention from a real world deployment perspective. Thank to everyone that attended.  As promised, I wanted to ensure you all had access to the slides from the session.

You can download the slides from here.

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