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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Custom Flow Is Missing From the Retention Label Flow Selection List

The other day, I was building out some Power Automate flows to test the process I was building for a custom disposition.  When I went to assign the flow to the retention label, I find that the custom flow is missing from the retention label flow selection list.  The fix is pretty straightforward, and Microsoft does mention it, but I felt it necessary to pull it out and flag it directly in case others have the same issue.

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SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams! Oh My!

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to speak at the Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas this May 2023.  It was a great time and a fantastic turnout.  I think I had 170 – 200 people in my session.  I want to use this opportunity to share the slides with the attendees, so I have uploaded them to this post.  Please feel free to review them and send me any questions you may require.

SharePoint OneDrive Teams Oh My!

Microsoft 365 Records Management – The Importance of Power Automate Disposition Reviews

Some time ago, I wrote a series of blog posts on disposition reviews.  I covered the standard disposition reviews and the multi-stage disposition review.  In records management, disposition reviews allow content SMEs, owners, and\or record managers to review content to ensure it is no longer viable before it is ultimately destroyed.  Recently, Microsoft released an update to Microsoft Purview that allows an organization to create Power Automate disposition reviews.  This means that when a document reaches the completion of its retention schedule, instead of a standard disposition review being initiated, a Power Automate flow is started instead.  This vastly increases the options available to record managers or administrators in handling their content.

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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Create a Simple Power Automate Disposition Review

Previously I provided an overview of why Power Automate disposition reviews are important to record management tasks for many organizations.  With the introduction aside, let’s cover how to create a Power Automate disposition review from concept to execution.  This process will create a custom message to the disposition reviewer.  If approved it will delete the document and update a destruction tracker list in SharePoint.  If rejected, the record manager will be notified to take necessary action.

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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Dynamically Assign Retention Labels with Adaptive Scopes

In October 2021, Microsoft announced a significant change in how retention labels could be applied to locations.  The concept for adaptive scopes is pretty straightforward, deploy labels or apply labels automatically based on some piece (or pieces) of metadata the system can scan for.  This means you can now dynamically assign retention labels with adaptive scopes to your SharePoint (including Teams), OneDrive, and Exchange locations without directly declaring them in the policy.

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