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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Creating and Publishing Record Labels

Previously we discussed how Office 365 handles records.  Now that we have a good foundation of how records work I’ll discuss creating and publishing record labels.  The steps to create are similar to those in my previous retention label post but I’ll cover the differences here.

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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Publish a Retention Label

With the new modern experience being pushed out more and more to the O365/M365 Admin consoles things are changing at a daily rate it feels like.  The other day I was setting up some retention label policies and found things weren’t where they used to be.  In order to help others, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to publish the steps to publish a retention label in the new modern experience.  This post assumes you already have a label created.  If you need assistance with that please view my previous post on the steps for creating a retention or record-retention label.

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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Office 365 Records Management

In a couple of previous posts, I covered retention labels and how to apply them within your tenant.  An option when creating retention labels is to have your document declared a record when the policy/label is applied. Records add an extra level of content security to your documents.  Now keep in mind I don’t mean information security in this case.  Declaring a document won’t keep your information from entering the wrong hands or being used improperly.  We’ll cover those topics in the future.  A record instead protects the content within the document.  Read on as I explain Office 365 records management.

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Microsoft 365 Compliance and Security – Actions in the Compliance Manager

As I covered in my previous post abut Compliance Score and Compliance Manager, Microsoft has provided a new interface to allow you to better protect your environment and your data.  As you increase the compliance score of your tenant you can realize further protections of your data contained within the system.  In this post, I will cover completing actions in the compliance manager to increase the compliance score of your environment.

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Looking for Help with Power Automate and Power Apps? Maybe We can Help

Haniel Croitoru and I recently had the extreme pleasure of presenting at SharePoint Conference Twin Cities.  This is a great one day conference with one of the largest user bases I have ever seen.  Haniel and I had a great experience presenting on getting help with learning Power Apps and Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).  The presentation is full of tips and tricks from both of us as well.  We had a great room full of attendees with some great interaction.  As promised I have uploaded the slide deck for this session so the attendees can have for themselves.

Feeling stuck learning Flow and PowerApps – You’re not alone

Thanks for attending and thanks for reading!