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Building a SharePoint 2019 MinRole Environment in Microsoft Azure – Deploy SQL Server

Once the domain controller is configured and active directory for the farm is created it is time to deploy SQL Server.  Because this will be an “on-prem” farm I will not be utilizing an Azure SQL Database but instead will deploy an actual SQL Server VM.  This is made pretty straight forward as Azure provides a template for this.

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Deploying a SharePoint 2019 Development Environment – Install and Configure SQL Server 2017 for SharePoint 2019

Before you can do anything with SharePoint 2019 you have to install SQL Server.  You have a couple of options available as both SQL Server 2016 and 2017 can be used.  I want to go with SQL Server 2017 (all the latest features right?).  So in this post I will be demonstrating how to install and configure SQL Server 2017 for SharePoint 2019.  If you are wondering why you should bother with SharePoint 2019 at all, review my previous post to review a lot of the features you gain and others you lose.  This series doesn’t cover the AD and server configuration.  There are a couple of posts I did when building out SharePoint 2013 that can assist with this.

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