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SharePoint Fest Denver

I am blogging to you right now from Denver, Colorado where I have had the honour of speaking at the SharePoint Fest conference there.  I also was speaking at the SharePoint Fest conference in Washington, DC where I received some good constructive feedback.  With that in mind I completely revamped my slide deck and approach to the presentation.  I am just writing this post after the first session with the revised deck.  It went awesome.  I had a great group of people in my session and a packed room.  I think the slides revamp was great.  Thanks SharePoint Fest DC!!

You can access my new slides here:

Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS

Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox-Advanced Concepts in SharePoint BCS


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SharePoint Fest Chicago

Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is probably one of the most versatile and powerful features of SharePoint. It can also be one of the most under-utilized. Join me today as I provide an overview of the BCS system and show you how easy it is to integrate with external systems without writing a single line of code.

I will cover topics like External Content types, External Lists, user impersonation using the SharePoint Secure Store system and much more.


SIA 203 – Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox. Advanced Concepts and Processes with SharePoint BCS

Building on the basic concepts of SharePoint’s Business Connectivity Service, we will cover more advanced concepts within the SharePoints BCS system. Integrating SharePoint Search with BCS External Content Types to search into non-SharePoint data sources and Associations are just a couple of the topics we will cover. I will show you some of the true power in using SharePoint to leverage and present the data contained in your LOB systems that will make your own daily processes more efficient.

Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox: Advanced Concepts in SharePoint BCS – Slide Deck

Hi everyone,

On October 20, 2016 I had the honour of taking part in the Collab365 Global Conference.  At this conference I presented my session on Advanced Concepts in SharePoint BCS.  I forgot to provide the slide deck to the Collab365 team prior to the conference.  I have posted the slide deck here.

Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox: Advanced Concepts in SharePoint BCS slide deck.


Prepare an Azure Database for SharePoint Online BCS Connection

While working on the demos for a resent presentation I wanted to research some steps on how to prepare an Azure database for Sharepoint Online BCS connection with SharePoint Online.  I found that there was no complete answer in one place so decided to make one… hence this post.  This post assumes you already have an Azure account and necessary rights to configure it.  It also assumes you do not have any DB’s in your Azure environment.  Also note, adding Azure DBs to your environment is not a free service and you will have costs added to your monthly invoice.

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How to Setup SharePoint Search to Crawl External Content With BCS

So the other day I wrote about an error received when your security is not setup properly when configuring search for external data using Business Connectivity Services.  I thought today would be a good day to show you how to setup SharePoint search to crawl external content with BCS.  Setting up search isn’t actually too hard once the ECT is there.  What people initially forget though is setting up the profile page.  This is what tells SharePoint how to display the data to you.  If you don’t setup profiles here is what things look like:

BCS Search With No Profile Configured

We can see from the link details that it is coming from the BDC (Business Data Connectivity).  That’s the service in SharePoint that houses BCS.  Clicking on the link just takes us back to the search center.  This is because SharePoint doesn’t know how to display the data to us.

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