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Compliance Unplugged – Episode #2: The Architecture Behind Preservation

Compliance Unplugged’s Episode #2 is fresh off the digital presses and available for your viewing and learning pleasure.  In this episode, Joanne and I cover an important component of your records retention preservation architecture, the Preservation Hold Library (PHL).  In this vodcast, we explain important considerations to remember with the PHL, why it’s actually necessary, and of course, some tips for working with the PHL.

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Compliance Unplugged – Episode #1 Case Management and Event-Based Retention

Joanne Klein and I, for the Compliance Unplugged vodcast, are really excited to announce the release of our first episode.  In this episode we tackle the concept of case management and how it can be supported within Microsoft 365 Purview. We’ll discuss how we see Purview being very capable of supporting case management, but we also discuss the gaps that do exist.

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For some additional information on this subject, you can check out the blog series I recently released.


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Coming in 2024! Vodcast with Joanne Klein – Compliance Unplugged

I am super excited to announce a new collaboration with Joanne Klein over at NexNovus being released in the new year.  Joanne and I have collaborated for years on Records Management and Compliance within Microsoft 365.  We have built up quite a collection of questions and stories over the years and decided a great way to share them with others is via a vodcast.  I actually had to look that one up. A podcast in video form is called a vodcast.  Right now, Joanne and I are just getting things started and only have the YouTube channel, but we have a lot planned for 2024, including a new website.  But for now, we have a little bit of a teaser for you.  We have uploaded an introduction to the vodcast and a bit of history around it.  Please go check it out and subscribe to our channel so you can receive notifications when we upload new content.

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