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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Information Governance and Power Platform Together At Last!

I don’t usually blog about announcements as Microsoft does a great job, as do all of the others that share Microsoft posts, but this is big. Microsoft just added a considerable feature coming to your Microsoft 365 tenant in the near future. Integration of your information governance processes with Power Automate. Specifically, the integration of disposition reviews with Power Automate. Let’s chat about what that could mean to your organization.

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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Retention Label Policy Video

In this second video blog, I build on the previous presentation and publish my retention label with a retention label policy.

You can review the related blog post here: Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Publish a Retention Label

You can access the video here: Retention Label Policies in Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Retention Labels Video

I have a new announcement to make!  In addition to my blog posts, I have also started to create video blogs to go along with my written posts.  I know that many prefer to learn visually as opposed to reading text all the time.  So I am now going to build video blogs along with many of my written posts.  The first one is about retention labels.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Site Sensitivity Label Alerts

In my previous post, I discussed configuring site sensitivity using Microsoft 365 MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) labels.  In this follow-up, I’ll discuss site sensitivity label alerts, what is there automatically and what you need to configure.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Apply Sensitivity Labels to Sites, Groups, and Teams

Previously I provided instructions on how to create a sensitivity label scoped to your sites and groups.  In this short post, I’ll demonstrate how one apply sensitivity labels to sites, Groups, and Teams in Microsoft 365.  I’ll present the before and after effects that applying the sensitivity label has on your sites.  I’ll also show you how site sensitivity labels can help ensure content that isn’t supposed to be within the site is flagged automatically for you.

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