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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Using Retention Labels

In previous posts, I have discussed retention labels and record labels in Office 365.  Once the labels have been published many times they have to be set manually in the different locations within your tenant.  It is possible to automatically set retention, record and sensitivity labels, but I am going to cover that in a future post.  The purpose today is to provide you with an overview of using retention labels in the different aspects of Office 365.  This post will highlight setting retention labels in SharePoint, OneDrive and O365 Groups.

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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Publish a Retention Label

With the new modern experience being pushed out more and more to the O365/M365 Admin consoles things are changing at a daily rate it feels like.  The other day I was setting up some retention label policies and found things weren’t where they used to be.  In order to help others, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to publish the steps to publish a retention label in the new modern experience.  This post assumes you already have a label created.  If you need assistance with that please view my previous post on the steps for creating a retention or record-retention label.

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