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Throwing Out Old Data – Disposition in Microsoft Purview Slide Deck

I had the incredible opportunity this week (April 29, 2024) to be a speaker at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference in Orlando, Florida.  One of the sessions I gave was a deep dive into Microsoft Purview’s Disposition capabilities in Records Management.  In this session, I covered all of the various capabilities of Purview’s post-retention action.  As promised, I am uploading a slide deck for the attendees to access.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Throwing Out Old Data – Disposition in Microsoft Purview

Compliance Unplugged – Episode #2: The Architecture Behind Preservation

Compliance Unplugged’s Episode #2 is fresh off the digital presses and available for your viewing and learning pleasure.  In this episode, Joanne and I cover an important component of your records retention preservation architecture, the Preservation Hold Library (PHL).  In this vodcast, we explain important considerations to remember with the PHL, why it’s actually necessary, and of course, some tips for working with the PHL.

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Microsoft Purview – How to Get a Retention Label’s GUID

When creating custom solutions or even troubleshooting your data lifecycle management processes, you may need to know the retention label’s underlying GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).  This is the ID created for the retention label that Microsoft Purview uses for its back-end processes.  Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to find this ID from the Purview user interface.  To find the ID, a PowerShell command will need to be run; I’ll cover that process in this post.

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Microsoft Purview Records Management – Initiate an Event

When working with event-based retention, the environment lacks a standard method to start the retention schedule, such as the modified date of the document. An event can take many forms within the lifecycle of a document, such as:

  • Fiscal year-end
  • Calendar year-end
  • Document supersedence
  • Contract expiry

Due to this, it is not possible to begin the retention using an internal, default trigger, so an administrator or process must initiate an event to start the countdown.  In this post, we’ll cover the steps to do that.

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Microsoft Purview Records Management – Plan and Create Event-Based Retention Labels

In my previous post, I discussed event-based retention, what it was, how it worked, and the advantages of this type of retention.  This post will build on that and cover how to plan and create event-based retention labels.

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