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Throwing Out Old Data – Disposition in Microsoft Purview Slide Deck

I had the incredible opportunity this week (April 29, 2024) to be a speaker at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference in Orlando, Florida.  One of the sessions I gave was a deep dive into Microsoft Purview’s Disposition capabilities in Records Management.  In this session, I covered all of the various capabilities of Purview’s post-retention action.  As promised, I am uploading a slide deck for the attendees to access.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Throwing Out Old Data – Disposition in Microsoft Purview

Compliance Unplugged – Episode #2: The Architecture Behind Preservation

Compliance Unplugged’s Episode #2 is fresh off the digital presses and available for your viewing and learning pleasure.  In this episode, Joanne and I cover an important component of your records retention preservation architecture, the Preservation Hold Library (PHL).  In this vodcast, we explain important considerations to remember with the PHL, why it’s actually necessary, and of course, some tips for working with the PHL.

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Microsoft Purview Records Management – Implementing Event-Based Retention Video

This video continues on the journey to implement event-based retention in our environment.  Using the preparation created, this video will discuss what event-based retention can help you achieve in your organization.  It will also demo how to create event-based retention labels (and event types), how to add the labels to content, the steps you need to take to ensure proper identification can occur later, and it will demonstrate how to create an event within your organization.  Click on the following to check out the video!

Implementing Event Based Retention

Microsoft Purview Records Management – Preparing Your Environment for Event-Based Retention Video

Last month, I wrote a blog series on event-based retention. Joanne Klein and I also released our first episode for Compliance Unplugged, referencing event-based retention as a solution for case management concepts in records management.  I thought it fitting that I pick up my YouTube channel and dust it off a bit to release a new video on how to prepare your environment for event-based retention.  The video will cover setting up the required metadata columns, mapping them to managed properties, and how to test.  Click on the following to check out the video!

Event Based Retention Preparation

Microsoft Purview Records Management – Build Custom Record Disposition Based on Document Location – Building the Infrastructure

Previously, I showed you how to use Power Automate to build a custom workflow to assign approvers based on the site owner.  It was designed to access the user(s) designated as site owners and assign the disposition approval to them.  In addition, it allowed you to provide custom messages and any other non-standard activities your organization required.  I will take a different approach in this post and assign record disposition based on document location.  The idea is that labels are shared across the organization, and each site could belong to a particular data owner that does not map to the site ownership.  The flow will target these data owners based on the document’s location.  This first post highlights the components that need to be in place to support the flow.  If you want to go straight to the flow components, continue to the second post in this series.  However, I urge you to read on here first to understand what needs to be in place to support the solution as a whole.  Before continuing, ensure you aren’t going to run into any of the Power Automate limitations within Purview.

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