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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Using Retention Labels

In previous posts, I have discussed retention labels and record labels in Office 365.  Once the labels have been published many times they have to be set manually in the different locations within your tenant.  It is possible to automatically set retention, record and sensitivity labels, but I am going to cover that in a future post.  The purpose today is to provide you with an overview of using retention labels in the different aspects of Office 365.  This post will highlight setting retention labels in SharePoint, OneDrive and O365 Groups.

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Information and Records Management in Office 365 – Office 365 Records Management

In a couple of previous posts, I covered retention labels and how to apply them within your tenant.  An option when creating retention labels is to have your document declared a record when the policy/label is applied. Records add an extra level of content security to your documents.  Now keep in mind I don’t mean information security in this case.  Declaring a document won’t keep your information from entering the wrong hands or being used improperly.  We’ll cover those topics in the future.  A record instead protects the content within the document.  Read on as I explain Office 365 records management.

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