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Playing Outside Your Sandbox Slide Deck

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the SharePoint Saturday Conference in Vancouver.  At the conference I spoke on no code solutions for SharePoint Business Connectivity Services and the different features you had access to out of the box.  It was a great experience and one I hope to repeat in the future.  This presentation seems quite popular as I will be giving it again at the SharePoint Saturday in Calgary and the Prairie Developers Conference in Winnipeg.

As promised for all of these sessions I have attached the slide deck here for you to download for reference.

Playing outside your sandbox

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Spiraling off the Waterfall and Landing on Your Feet

So this week I am speaking at the Prairie Developers Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  The first topic I spoke on was titled: “Spiraling off the Waterfall and landing on our feet.”  It was a very high level discussion on the different development methodologies used in industry regularly (and one or two not used very much).  I have attached the slide deck to this post for all to see.  The next presentation I have is on configuring and setting up a SharePoint environments without using the GUI at all.

Take a gander at my slide deck and tell me what you think.

Spiraling off the Waterfall