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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Auto-Apply Retention Label Policy Not Functioning

I was recently working on a pilot for a client that required auto-apply of retention labels.  The client wanted to understand if Microsoft 365 could meet their needs for records retention and disposal.  To assist we set up your standard assortment of retention labels and policies such as auto-delete, disposition reviews, etc.  One of the requirements was to configure auto-apply labels to decrease the level of involvement required by users.  In their current record management system, they were configuring retention at the folder level.  While this can certainly be accomplished with SharePoint Online, I strongly encouraged them to process auto-apply labels based on metadata instead.  So one of our pilot configurations was to create a couple of auto-apply policies that applied labels based on a site column value.  We created the policies, added content, set the metadata, and waited.  Microsoft states it will take a little time for the labels to apply. I suggested a week, but by the second week, we still didn’t have any labels being applied automatically.  I confirmed the queries were configured correctly (I’ll cover this in my next post), but in the end, we had to admit the auto-apply retention label policies were not functioning.

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Microsoft 365 Records Management – Auto-Apply Retention Label Policy

In previous posts, I discussed creating retention labels and publishing them to your various sites. This is an effective way to ensure record retention processes are followed within your organization.  However, the process can require a lot of user interaction.  Many organizations find their users do not apply labels.  The reasons for this range from being unsure which option to select to not having time to do it.  This can cause records to be deleted before they should or kept longer than required.  In this post, we’ll help to alleviate that by using an auto-apply retention label policy.  It’s a bit of a longer post, but there can be many parts to properly configuring auto-apply retention labels.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Enable Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint Sites

Recently M365 was updated to allow administrators to enable sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint sites.  This means that any container in M365 that is backed by a Microsoft 365 Group or SharePoint can have sensitivity controls applied to it.  This includes Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business.  Within this post we’ll walk through the steps for enabling sensitivity labels for your tenant’s M365 Groups and SharePoint site.

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Microsoft 365 Information Protection – Microsoft 365 Sensitivity Labels

Every organization should have a method that allows its most sensitive data to be protected against access outside of the organization.  Whether content is shared accidentally or maliciously, the damage of sensitive content getting into someone’s hands shouldn’t be damaging to any organization.  Enter Microsoft 365 sensitivity labels.

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Information and Records Management in M365 – Disposition Reviews

In honour of Microsoft’s recent announcement concerning multi-stage disposition reviews and other enhancements, I thought I’d start a short series discussing what disposition reviews are, how to configure them, but also how to make use of them.  We’ll start with the basics and move our way up to the new multi-stage disposition reviews.

Disclaimer: Microsoft is making changes all the time to the Microsoft 365 interface.  Any screenshots displayed in this post are current at the last edit of the post.

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