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SharePoint – SPView: Exception calling “Add” with “6” argument(s): “An error occurred while parsing EntityName.

Error occurred while parsing EntityName.

So had an issue today.  We were migrating data into SharePoint and once that was complete we had a request from the client to build a set of views based on a lookup list.  So out comes the old trusty PowerShell script ISE and I started plugging away at the code.  When the script was complete I ran it in the test environment where the data was contained.  When the script ran the add on the SPView collection the script stalled with error: “Exception calling “Add” with “6” argument(s): “An error occurred while parsing EntityName.”  Well that error is really easy to under stand.

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Build Views on the Fly When Gathering Data from SharePoint

So recently at my client site we had a report that was running incredibly long.  This was a while ago, so unfortunately I can’t remember the run time, but I believe it was greater than 12 hours.  The report was pretty basic, just a determination of which documents were created within the month and an output that displayed things like location, file name, created date and creator.

When reviewing the code I noticed the original solution had been coded to loop through each site in the web and then grab all the documents within a particular date range.  The line in particular that scanned the documents was as follows:


[code language=”csharp”]
var listAddedItems = listItems.Where(x => ((DateTime)x["Created"] >= reportManager.ReportStartDate && (DateTime)x["Created"] <= reportManager.ReportEndDate) || ((DateTime)x["Modified"] >= reportManager.ReportStartDate && (DateTime)x["Modified"] <= reportManager.ReportEndDate));

Pretty straight forward, but what it’s actually doing is going through and gathering all the data and throwing out what you don’t need.  Not a big deal unless you are working with a lot of data.  Right now we are sitting at around 1 million items in our SP farm.  I think I found the culprit.

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